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Speaking of Jeeps – What About The New 2018 JL Wrangler?

If you’ve been waiting anxiously for the new Jeep JL Wrangler to arrive, good news! The wait is over and according to the reviews, it was well worth the wait. The 2018 JL Wrangler is a beautifully modernized version of the old one and ready to hit the trails. Best of all, […] READ MORE >


Is Your Jeep Protected Enough To Be Totally Trail Ready?

The last thing any Jeep owner wants to do when heading out for some fun off-roading on the trails is break something. You’ve already spent quite a bit adding the mechanical mods needed to get better performance from your Jeep. What about protecting it from the dings and crunches that […] READ MORE >


Off-Road Truck Recovery – Know What To Carry With You!

One of the most important rules of off-roading that every vehicle owner of off-roading heavy-duty trucks needs to remember is that safety comes first. The second rule is to always be prepared for trouble. Sooner or later, you or someone in your party is going to get stuck. By carrying the right recovery […] READ MORE >


OK – Why Should I Consider Crate Engines For My Off-Roader?

Working on an off-road truck can be rewarding and a lot of fun. There are many upgrades to do right in your own garage if you have the tools and the know-how. Yet there are other modifications that are more easily accomplished by a professional, like installing steel bumpers and mounting big […] READ MORE >


Stuck Alone On The Trail? You Need A Good Winch Bumper!

If there is one thing you can count on as an off-roader, always assume that the day will come when you end up stuck with your truck. That may not be a problem when wheeling with a group; however, what if you’re the only one on the trail? If you’re […] READ MORE >


Off-Road Communication – What’s Up Here?

When you’re out on the trail in a group with your off-roader, it’s important that everyone has a reliable means of staying in communication with everyone else. Wireless phones are okay in less rural settings; however, once you get out in the open where there is no signal, they […] READ MORE >


Off-Road Trucks And Airing Down Those Tires!

A common practice used by many off-roaders is airing down their tires once they venture off the streets and onto rougher terrain in their trucks. This idea goes against what we’ve all been taught, namely that tires should always be aired to the recommended PSI to improve steering and ride comfort […] READ MORE >


What Are The Best Rear Axles For My Off-Roading Jeep?

When modifying your Jeep JK, it’s important to remember that some upgrades make others more necessary. The bigger your tires get and the more torque needed from your differential, the more necessary changing the rear axles may become. Like other modifications, from suspension to steel bumpers, you have a […] READ MORE >



test […] READ MORE >


The Real Facts About Helmets – How To Pick The Right One!

If you do any kind of off-road racing over dunes and hills at high speeds, protecting your head should be a prime concern. You use durable protective gear like skid plates, steel bumpers, and other items to reduce damage to your truck, so what about yourself? Before you open […] READ MORE >


The Real Facts About Helmets – Design and Construction!

Helmets are an essential safety item for anyone who does off-road racing or is at risk of a head injury while climbing those big off-road trails. Yet just like suspension parts, steel bumpers, and rugged tires, helmets are only as good as their construction. For the best protection, it […] READ MORE >


Why You Need To Take A Closer Look at Off-Road Suspensions!

  To some, off-road suspension systems become important when they need to find ways to fit bigger tires and truck bumpers on their truck or increase ground clearance. Yet fit is only half of the story. An off-road suspension is a critical component of your off-road truck and important […] READ MORE >


Destroy The Darkness – Modern Off-Road Lighting!

If you ever go off-roading at night or may be out in the dark after a day on the trails, good lighting is essential. All other upgrades will be worthless if you do not have enough lighting to stay out of danger. Before you take the chance of being out in […] READ MORE >


Mudding And Off-Roading – Don’t Get Bogged Down!

If you appreciate getting a little dirty while you are out in your off-road truck, mudding is a great way to have fun. Mudding, or affectionately known by some as mudslinging, is loads of fun when you do it right; however, you can easily end up stuck in the […] READ MORE >


Modding Your Off-Roader – All Those Different Suspensions!

Besides tires, bumpers, and undercarriage protection, the most important modification you may consider for your off-road truck is a suspension mod. There are a lot of different types of suspension systems available, each of which has its own pros and cons for off-roading. Choosing the right one depends on […] READ MORE >


If Your GPS Breaks Off-Roading – Can You Read A Map?

Knowing where you are going is a big deal when you are off-roading. One wrong turn on a remote trail could send you miles out of the way and put you in danger. While it is easy to rely on your phone or onboard GPS for staying on the […] READ MORE >


The Vital Value of Seal Puncture Repair Kits When Off-Roading!

A rule of the road, whether on road or trail, is to always have your truck totally prepared for your off-road adventure. Off-roading always presents the possibility for you to get stuck or break something. Even if you have upgraded your truck with skid plates, heavy duty truck bumpers, […] READ MORE >


The Possible Pitfalls of Off-Roading Rock Crawling!

Rock crawling is one of the most exciting, yet challenging things you can do with your off-road truck. Yet it requires skill, patience, and a well-equipped truck with all the important upgrades like tires, suspension, and protective steel bumpers. With practice, you can learn how to get over all […] READ MORE >


What Is The Big Deal About Beadlock Wheels On Off-Road Builds?

While researching tires and wheels for your off-road truck, you have probably noticed beadlock wheels. Available in many different styles and sizes, beadlock wheels can be expensive when compared to standard wheels. Yet they do serve an important purpose on trucks used for more extreme off-roading, just like stronger […] READ MORE >


Is That Upgrade To Your Off-Road Truck Vital – or Vanity?

Upgrading your off-road truck is fun, especially when it comes to creating that rough and rugged look. Yet the last thing you want, especially if you are on a budget, is a truck that is “all show and no go.”  If you want a truck that can safely hit […] READ MORE >


Negotiating Tricky Off-Road Hills – Proven Safety Tips!

Rock and hill climbing can be a thrilling, off-road adventure you can experience in your souped-up off-road truck or Jeep. Of course, it is important to stay safe while having fun. The big tires and protective truck bumpers you put on your off-roader can make it trailworthy; however, you […] READ MORE >


Got A New Winch Bumper – Use Synthetic Rope or Steel Cable?

Truck winch bumpers are an important piece of recovery gear you should add to your off-road truck if getting stuck is a possibility. Yet your winch is only as strong as the cable you use with it, leaving you with the important decision of choosing steel cable or synthetic rope. […] READ MORE >


Valuable Guidelines To Off-Roading In Our National Parks!

National parks are a great place to spend a day off-roading. Many of these parks offer miles of trails and a variety of natural obstacles to enjoy. Before you load up your gear and head out to your nearest park in your off-roader with its heavy steel bumpers and […] READ MORE >


Beach Off-Roading Basics – Get Ready For Sand Dune Driving!

Driving your off-road truck or Jeep at designated beach areas can be a lot of fun. Don’t risk having that fun come to an abrupt end if you don’t know how to drive safely on beaches. Driving over the dunes takes more than just the right tires and front truck bumpers with a […] READ MORE >


Want To Learn Off-Roading? Find Forums and Local 4×4 Clubs!

Off-roading with your truck or Jeep is an exciting sport. It can also be dangerous, especially for beginners with less experience. Sure, performance and safety equipment upgrades like wheels and tires, locking differentials, and strong truck bumpers are important to protect your truck and make it more capable. None […] READ MORE >


What You Must Know Before Doing Any Desert Off-Roading!

Desert driving is a form of off-roading that can be fun, especially if you’ve never tried it before. The scenery is great, there are different challenges, and you’ll get to try your truck out in different conditions. Before you head out, make sure you have everything you need, including […] READ MORE >


Have You Built Your Prized Off-Road Truck Right – or Wrong?

It’s finally finished and ready for the trails. You’ve modified your truck in all the important ways by adding bigger, fatter wheels and tires, a lifted suspension, heavy duty truck bumpers; you even made sure to add differential covers. The bigger question is, what didn’t you upgrade? Sometimes the […] READ MORE >


Must-Have Trail Safety Tips For Off-Roaders!

Heading out on the trail for the first time with your off-road truck or Jeep is an exciting moment. You have modified your truck with the right tires, steel bumpers, and other essential equipment and packed essential emergency gear, so you are ready to go. Hey, slow down a […] READ MORE >


Serious About Mods? These Actually Help Your Off-Road Truck!

Modifying your off-road truck by adding specialty wheels and tires, custom bumpers, suspension systems, and winches can become addictive. It is fun to do and gives you more capabilities out on the trail so you can do more with your truck. It’s also expensive and can even damage your truck if not […] READ MORE >


Which Type of Off-Roading Is For You? There Are Choices!

If you are interested in off-roading and have been doing some searching online, chances are you have a pretty good idea of what extreme off-roading looks like. Sure, some of it involves scaling monstrous boulders or getting through deep, sucking mud holes; however, there is actually more to off-roading […] READ MORE >


Some Great Ways To Upgrade Your Diesel Truck For Off-Roading!

Among the many “this vs that” arguments that those who own off-roading trucks or jeeps may encounter, one of the more famous ones is gas vs. diesel. There are pros and cons to each; however, the good news is that both of these kind of off-roading trucks can be at home on […] READ MORE >


Looking At Some Mods To Off-Road Suspensions – And Why!

The first modification that nearly every owner makes to their off-roader is bigger, taller, and fatter wheels and tires. This modification is practically synonymous with off-roading and the start of what may be a long line of alterations like lift kits, steel bumpers, and differentials. Suspension mods are typically the next […] READ MORE >


Position Yourself For A Great Off-Road Experience!

Staying comfortable in the driver’s seat is an important, yet commonly overlooked concern when it comes to off-roading. You keep your off-road truck ready for top performance by adding important aftermarket parts like bigger, tougher tires and steel truck bumpers, yet what do you do to keep yourself comfortable […] READ MORE >


Let’s Looks Closer At Fab Fours JK Tube Doors!

If you’re a “Jeep futurist” and drive a JK Wrangler, Fab Fours has some new off-road equipment just for you. Adding to their line of durable, custom Jeep steel bumpers, Fab Fours has recently introduced its JK tube doors for Wranglers that hit the trails hard. Available in both front and […] READ MORE >


Consider These Critical Factors Before You Go Off-Roading!

When you are out on challenging trails or negotiating tough obstacles, your off-roader needs to be capable, responsive, and durable. Achieving this comes partly from adding the right upgrades, like protective bumpers and a good lift kit, and partly from having the right driver experience. Whether you are a seasoned […] READ MORE >


Some Simple Tips To Save Your Off Road Truck’s Gas Usage!

If your off-road truck is a gas guzzler, you might be wondering if there is anything you can do about it. If you have equipped your truck with bigger tires, steel bumpers, and other specialty gear, chances are you have seen an increase in your gas consumption. Fortunately, there […] READ MORE >


Off-Road Truck Winches – Electric or Hydraulic?

A strong, reliable winch is one of the most basic and necessary accessories for an off-road truck that encounters water, mud, or other trail hazards. Truck winch bumpers can get you out of a bind if you have chosen the proper winch. Besides capacity, you can choose from hydraulic or […] READ MORE >


Complete Your Off-Road Safety With Head Protection!

Off-roading can be rough, both for you and your truck. The last thing you want is a head injury from bouncing around inside while negotiating tough obstacles. You protect your off-road truck with specialty parts like differential covers, front truck bumpers, and other heavy duty equipment, right? If you […] READ MORE >


Looking At Safety Seats For Your Off-Road Truck!

If you do more than just hit the occasional trail with your off-road truck, chances are you have invested in quite a few upgrades such as tires, suspension, steel bumpers, and more. All of this equipment is designed to protect your truck and make it more functional on the trail […] READ MORE >


Why Would I Add Weight To My Off-Road Tires?

When you are equipping your off-road truck for the trail, weight is a definite concern. You may want to add certain equipment like larger tires and wheels, tougher axles, and durable steel bumpers. Yet the added weight can affect your vehicle in negative ways. Why would you want to […] READ MORE >


You Better Take Care Of That U-Joint On Your Off Road Truck!

The U-joint on your off-road truck is a part that doesn’t get a lot of attention, at least until it breaks. This essential part of your drivetrain makes the transfer of power from transmission to wheels possible. Without it, you will be going anywhere soon. U-joints on off-road trucks take […] READ MORE >


How Does Rim Choice Affect Successful 4×4 Off Roading?

There is a lot more to proper off-road rim selection than just appearance. Naturally, you want your prized off-road truck to look as tough as it really is. Yet every part you add, from rims and wheels to steel bumpers and winch, should serve a purpose other than looking […] READ MORE >


Winch Usage – Safety and Maintenance Are Vital!

A winch is one of the more important safety items to have on the steel bumper of your off road truck if you ride the trails on a regular basis or like pushing your truck to the limit. It is there to get you or someone else out of trouble […] READ MORE >


Off Roading and Front Wheel Bearings – How to Avoid Problems!

Your off-road truck takes a lot of abuse, both physically and mechanically. Even though you do a lot to upgrade your ride with a stronger suspension and steel bumpers to make it more durable, some parts like the front wheel bearings are more susceptible to failure due to the rigors of […] READ MORE >


How To Find Great Storage Choices When Heading Off Road!

Storage space is frequently at a premium in many homes. It can be even harder to come by in your off-road truck. What do you do when you want to spend a weekend out camping to ride the hills and trails in a more remote location? You get creative, […] READ MORE >